Starting 2018 right

new nose, new hair, new city, new job, new life, new year, who dis?

Let’s recap my 2017:

  • Graduated MIT with my Masters of Engineering
  • Got hired (at a amazing company)
  • Visited 3 countries (excluding my travels in the US)
  • Had major surgery (breathing was hard, now it is better)
  • Moved to a new city (and moved twice)
  • Picked up trampolining (it’s so much fun)

Until now, I always had subliminal societal goals in mind:

During high school, it was “get good grades” and “get into college”. During college, it was “get an internship for the summer” and “get hired”.

I call them subliminal because they were persistent goals that were there in my life, all the time.

I call them societal because I feel like I never distinctly selected for myself. Instead I was told these were my goals, the things I should achieve.

But I’ve moved past those stages in my life, and out of the stage where people can make goals for me. I had this realization mid-November.

Now that I’ve left education and have moved in to what we call “Real Life”, I realized that I have no more subliminal societal goals. No one is there to make these goals for me.

Since then, I’ve started to plan a bit more about the things I want to do. I haven’t made myself any overarching subliminal goals yet. I do have some ideas for smaller goals for 2018, but I don’t want to formally call them goals - I’ll call them ambitions. While many of these ambitions are tied to my work and what I do as a developer evangelist, they are still things I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but due to education, I never had the time.

I now publish these ambitions for you to see, because someone once said that putting your goals (AMBITIONS) out there for all to see makes them far more likely for them to be manifested.

  1. get verified on Twitter
  2. publish a blog post once a month
  3. publish a video once a month
  4. stream on Twitch once a week
  5. #50daysofmakeup
  6. talk at 6 conferences

I tried to make these ambitions as reasonable as possible. Some can be combined together if I needed, but I really want to invest time into these. Some of these things are more attainable than others. I was recently told that Twitter is not currently verifying people. Getting accepted to talk at conferences is dependent on… well… if I get accepted to talk at conferences. All tips on how to make my ambitions become real are appreciated!

If you see me in real life, poke me about my ambitions. I know I’ll need the reminders.

Also, keep an eye on this blog. It’s a work in progress - as I post, it’ll keep evolving.