How to "Freeze" Your Zorb NFT

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Learn how to transfer your Zorb without losing its color property!

In the 48 hours the Zorb NFT drop was active, over 53,000 zorbs were minted. Zorbs are colored orbs created by the Zora team - Zorbs are a long term branding and identity project. The main unique property of Zorbs is that the color of the Zorb depends on the wallet holding it. To explain more simply, a Zorb’s color is dependent on the wallet holding it - if you transfer your Zorb to someone else, the color WILL change.

Recently I had the chance to sit down with Iain, engineer at Zora, on a Twitch stream where we minted an NFT. During that stream, the topic of Zorbs came up and Iain shared a secret - you can actually ‘freeze’ Zorbs! He literally deployed the contract to enable Zorb freezing mid-stream - and we froze a Zorb. I am now in possession of the first ever Frozen Zorb!

There’s now a way to FREEZE your Zorb, so when you send it to someone else, the colors will not change. In this article, I will walk you through how exactly to freeze your Zorb!

What you’ll need 🔗

In this section, you will be explained how to get to the location to execute the transfer to the Zorb Fridge.

You can also bypass this section and click here to get dropped directly onto the page you need to go to.

  1. Navigate to the Zorb contract website on - the address of the Zorb contract is 0xCa21d4228cDCc68D4e23807E5e370C07577Dd152.

    Image of on the relevant contract page

  2. Click Contract

    Image showing etherscan website when you click on Contract

  3. Select Write Contract from the submenu.

Execute the Trade 🔗

  1. Connect your wallet of choice that is holding the Zorb by clicking Connect to Web3

    Image showing base etherscan open to contract page

    Image showing option to collect to metamask or wallet connect

  2. Select 5. safeTransferFrom

    Etherscan safe transfer form, but empty

  3. For your from(address) put the address of your wallet (the one you’re connected to)

  4. For the to(address), use the address of the Freezer contract 0x539Fe1179b528C25E03698f3d51E2B8522B7261B

  5. Finally, select the ID of the Zorb you want to freeze.

    1. To find the ID of the Zorb, go to the etherscan of your wallet, select Erc721 Token Txns, and it’ll show all of your Erc721 tokens. From there, you can see all the Transfer Events that use Zorbs(ZORB) tokens, and the associated Token ID. That Token ID is what you will input into the final contact field.

      Image showing the list of all the Zorbs Ali has minted on Etherscan, and the transaction details

  6. Click Write

    Image of the successfully filled out contract to write on etherscan

The rest of transaction goes the same as executing a normal transaction through your wallet! Select your goal gas and wait for the transaction to go through.

Confirm Your Transaction 🔗

  1. Go to your Zora profile

    Ali and Iain looking at Ali’s profile on Zora

  2. Select Minted

  3. Under Minted you will have a Zorb from the “Frozen Zorbs” collection. It’ll have the same Index ID number as the original Zorb, except the original Zorb will now be owned by the Freezer. You will not be able to sell, trade, transfer, or burn the original, now frozen Zorb.

    Ali and Iain looking at Ali’s minted images on Zora

    Ali and Iain looking at Zorb #1545’s properties

Congrats! Your Zorb is now frozen!

Now you can give your friends the Zorb that represents your wallet! Have fun trading your custom colors! To unfreeze your Zorb, use the unfreeze transaction of this contract, 0x539Fe1179b528C25E03698f3d51E2B8522B7261B, with the token ID of the Zorb you want to unfreeze. This is executed in a similar manner as above, by connecting your wallet, entering the token value, and submitting the transaction.

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Bonus Video 🔗

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