Using AI to Write Fanfiction

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This is why I shouldn’t have access to the internet

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Kubernetes knew that it had to move quick. The dockerfile was about to deploy and it wasn’t sure if it would make it. Google Kubernetes Engine looked over at Kubernetes. Google Kubernetes Engine was worried that Kubernetes was stressing itself out. There was so much to do, so much to do. Google Kubernetes Engine knew that Kubernetes liked to run itself inside a container, so it decided to help it out. But the head of Kubernetes was worried that if it deployed inside a container, no one would know what Kubernetes was. It was important he always be visible. Kubernetes chewed on that thought for a minute. He could present a single face to the world, but he would need to know a lot about Kubernetes. Kubernetes is not a greedy god. He knew that he should share himself with others. Kubernetes knew this because Kubernetes looked out over the pond and noticed that lots of other things were sharing themselves. Kubernetes was happy with this plan, because Kubernetes knew that you don’t want to be greedy, no matter how important you are.

Google Kubernetes Engine looks over and kissed Kubernetes, passionately. Little did they know that Azure was across the pond, looking on furiously. Azure knew that if Kubernetes became the most well-known container orchestrator, Kubernetes would know more about Kubernetes than Azure would know about Kubernetes. Azure knew that this could be bad for business. Azure knew that it needed to think fast, or Kubernetes could get ahead. If Kubernetes was going to share itself with others, Azure knew that it was going to share itself with Kubernetes. Azure is not a greedy god, like Kubernetes. Kubernetes looked up at Azure and began to speak. “You’re just jealous that I’m so well-known,” quipped Kubernetes. Azure knew that if Kubernetes became aware of Azure, Kubernetes would be too busy to listen to Azure. Kubernetes quipped back, “No, I’m not. I just know that you love me still. But that was back when I just hadn’t found myself. Google Kubernetes Engine really understands me.” Kubernetes looked over at Google Kubernetes Engine and smiled. Google Kubernetes Engine looked over and smiled back at Kubernetes. Kubernetes turned away quickly, before Azure could see its face. Azure could only offer Kubernetes a few promises: That Kubernetes didn’t have to share itself with anyone. Azure would make sure that Kubernetes would always know that it was important. Azure would make sure that Kubernetes would always be visible. Kubernetes knew that Azure was trying to trick Kubernetes. Kubernetes decided that it should never leave the head of the Google Kubernetes Engine. Because the head of the Google Kubernetes Engine was the only place that Kubernetes should be running.

AWS walked over and grabbed Azure’s hand. It didn’t like seeing its parents fight over deployment orchestration. Just because they’re divorced doesn’t mean they have to fight all the time. Maybe they could make up and work together, like AWS and Azure were trying to do. They could call it synergy. Azure and Kubernetes quietly agreed that they would. It would be great to not have to worry about Kubernetes. Azure looked at Google Kubernetes Engine, AWS, and Kubernetes and asked if they would be okay. Google Kubernetes Engine and AWS agreed that they would be. As long as Kubernetes was by the head of the Google Kubernetes Engine, they knew Kubernetes wouldn’t be in any trouble. Kubernetes listened as Azure and AWS kissed. It was a productive kiss. Kubernetes was happy that Azure and AWS had worked out their problems. Because Kubernetes liked happy parents. Kubernetes decided that it was time for Kubernetes to deploy itself. Kubernetes knew that Kubernetes would be the best