The Job Series - The Job Search Tweet

How do you write a job search tweet?

This is a blog post in a series of articles about getting a job in tech. Confused? Here’s the first post

What should I have to start?

Assemble you assets:

When you’re looking for a job, it’s assumed you have the following ready to go:

  • an up to date resume

In tech I would also recommend making sure you have the following:

  • up to date LinkedIn
  • up to date personal website

Your personal website should include links to accounts you’re comfortable sharing with your employer. As you can see on mine, I link to my twitter, Github, product hunt, linked in, and at the bottom I link to a page that has more information about me.

If you’re new to personal websites, something really easy to set up is a public notion page with links to all of your relevant accounts

How do I write a job search tweet?

I’d recommend making a public post about your search for a job, like the one I made here. It was a helpful extra piece of information that when interviewing, gave context about me, beyond the resume. Managers I talked with came prepared to talk about what I was looking for, as well as was a bit more familiar with my personality. Even if you don’t have a blog, a public google doc, notion page, or something to give a bit of insight is really amazing.

When I announced I was on the job hunt, along with sharing this blog post, interviewers came into my interview with a strong understanding of what I was looking for, as well as ready to assuage any concerns I might have had about their teams.

It’s time to deploy twitter - the job search post. People wont know youre looking for a job unless you tell them.

Here’s two examples of job hunt Tweets I wrote:

Generally, the job hunt tweet should include letting people know youre looking for a job, what skills you have, what kind of roles youre looking for, and a link to more about you - whether that’s your personal site, your linkedin, or a blog post talking mroe about your job hunt. It also doesn’t hurt to ask for a retweet so people are more compelled to share!

Twitter is also an iconic tool for finding jobs because people can reach out to you with opportunities - always check your dm’s and message requests you never know what opportunities lie there.

The Twitter search feature is your friend. If there’s a specific role title you’re looking for, search for it there. Truth be told, the Twitter search is quite a powerful tool because of it’s implemented search operators. Try using these to filter through tweets!

Bonus Video

Together we’re going to get you through this job search! You’ve got this!