Thoughts from my notebook

Ali Diamond

Jamstack Is Dangerous for Beginners

We need to be smarter about the way we talk about Jamstack in the context of junior engineers

Using AI to Write Fanfiction

This is why I shouldn’t have access to the internet

The Job Series - Researching A Company

What if you want to learn more about the companies you’re talking to? Where do you go?

Introducing the 75Code challenge

New Challenge Unlocked: Get Fit, Code, and Get the job!

The Job Series - How I Keep Track of Everything

Job hunting has a lot of moving pieces, how do you keep track of it all?

The Job Series - How to Get The First Interview

If you have found the job you want, how can you secure the first interview? This is a blog post in a series of articles about getting a job in tech. Confused? Here’s the first post How many times have you applied for a job online, and, within the day, been rejected from that same job? Yeah - it happens to all of us. At this point, it feels as though online applications are not worth the time.

How to do Subdomain URL Redirects with Vercel Hosting

Create cool branding and quick redirects using Vercel!

Public Speaking Class with Josh Constine

Notes on how to publicly speak, professionally

How to "Freeze" Your Zorb NFT

Learn how to transfer your Zorb without losing its color property!

Kubernetes for Developers Who Know How to Develop

Kubernetes is hard - We’re here to present it to you in a new light, specifically for developers, and why k8s can save you time. This post was originally posted on the New Relic Blog and then cross posted to Dev.to 🔗You know how to program - you’re in your first or second year of your first software engineering job. You’ve mastered the basics and are excelling at your job, but something’s been bothering you.